The eeDesignIt Podcast

Episode 17: On a Mission to Get Girls Excited About Coding

Episode Summary

An episode of the EEDI podcast you don't want to miss! Juliette Palacios is only 16, but she's been making a difference in this world for years-- and she already holds more professional titles than some older adults we know! Juliette Palacios is the founder and executive director of Computing Minds, which she created at age 14 and transformed into a nonprofit at age 15. Computing Minds teaches and inspires girls aged 9 – 12 about the fundamentals of coding, providing positive first experiences in the field of computer science. From their time at Computing Minds, students move toward their future with a strong coding base, positioning them well for a college major in computer science or a successful STEM career. When she’s not working on her nonprofit, Juliette is a high-school student who runs cross country, enjoys knitting, and serves as the founder and president of her school’s Philosophy Club. KCBS radio acknowledged Juliette as one of their featured “East Bay Difference Makers.” Learn more at