The eeDesignIt Podcast

Episode 18: How Tech (Really) Increases Communication and Can Further the Trades

Episode Summary

As the Founder of GrubHub, Mike Evans was the technology pioneer in restaurant ordering & delivering. A few years after leaving the company, he founded another called, a new kind of home repair and improvement service. On this episode of the eeDesignIt Podcast, Mike tells us more about and what makes the customer experience so much better and different. Let’s learn about the innovative ways simple technology connects us on a new level and breathes life into the trades. We'll chat about full-time vs. contractors for employees and the amazing way the company is focusing on retention. And, if you're in Dallas, Chicago, (or Brooklyn!), you can get some help from right now-- all you have to do is text "FIXER" on your phone and someone will come over and help with your household needs.